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Betsy Barry

Guest Instructor

Betsy Barry brings with her 30 years of creative experience. Most at home with pencil and paper, Betsy has chosen to focus her artistic expressions on the plants, flowers and other natural things that surround us all. Betsy has worked in many mediums: acrylic, watercolor, oil, fiber; but has ultimately chosen colored pencil as well as pen and ink to express her creativity. With this focus, she renders her subjects from life, often in situ - capturing the essence of her subject matter. Betsy completed a diploma course in botanical illustration with the Society of Botanical Artists, (SBA) London and earned the rank of Distinction, or highest honors. She was also awarded the Burggraaff Memorial Award for achievement on the course. Select completed pieces from her coursework were chosen to be displayed at the annual SBA Exhibition at Westminster Central Hall, London, as well as at the SBA booth at the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Exhibition, also in London.

Says Barry about her work, "While I am thankful for modern technology and our ability to connect to others around the world, I feel that through technology we have distanced ourselves from the living, growing things all around us. I hope to reconnect the viewers of my artwork with the simple, natural things we come across everyday, but that we often overlook."

Freesia _ BB33
AprilFlowersSigned copy 2
Apple Branch SOLD
Purple Indian Corn in Colored Pencil by
Yellow Indian Corn-Colored Pencil by Bet
Peas - Colored Pencil by Betsy Barry
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