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Ikumi Kayama

Guest Instructor

Ikumi Kayama is the founder of Studio Kayama. Ikumi usually works with surgeons and researchers to create educational illustrations on neurosurgery surgery procedures and cellular and molecular mechanisms. When not illustrating, she is running about studying, drawing, and counting birds, or she is studying fiber structures and turning in raw wool fleeces into finished clothing. Ikumi holds an MA in medical and biological illustration from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a BFA in scientific illustration from the University of Georgia. Her work has appeared internationally in juried shows, exhibits, textbooks, scientific journals, presentations, and websites. Some of her clients include: Cal Tech, MIT, Johns Hopkins, USC, Vanderbilt, Maryland Ornithological Society, and The Nature Conservancy. Ikumi is an active member in the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators and served on the board as Secretary and Vice President. She is a recipient many awards including the Frank Netter Scholarship in medical art and is a TEDx speaker on medical and scientific illustration. Watch Ikumi's TEDX talk here.

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To view more of  her work please visit:

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