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Certificate Program Requirements

Certificate Requirements

A total of 336 hours of courses are required to complete a Certificate in Natural Science Illustration. Eleven core courses (264  hours) and a selection of 72 hours of elective courses are required for the certificate. Successful completion of courses taken for credit for certification will be based on in-class exercises, critiques and final project evaluations. To qualify for the certificate, students must complete a final project demonstrating proficiency for each course taken. 

Required Courses:

  •  Drawing I

  •  Drawing II

  • Pen and Ink I

  • Composition and Design

  • Colored Pencil I

  • Watercolor I

  • Illustrating Vertebrates

  • Plant Morphology

  • Business Practices for Natural Science Illustrators

  • Digital Techniques for the Artist

  • Portfolio Development

Elective Courses

Elective courses are offered to broaden a student's artistic skills in observation and rendering the natural world beyond the eleven required courses.  For the certificate program students must complete 72 hours of elective courses and /or workshops.     See examples of  electives.

Final Project and Portfolio Review

The Final Project and Portfolio Review consists of 6 completed works in the student’s medium of choice and subject of choice (e.g., insects in graphite). The final portfolio will be reviewed by YPMNSI instructors museum personnel.