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Certificate Program Requirements

Certificate Requirements

A total of 336 hours of courses are required to complete a Certificate in Natural Science Illustration. Eleven core courses (240 hours) and a selection of 96  hours of elective courses are required for the certificate. Successful completion of courses taken for credit for certification will be based on in-class exercises, critiques and final project evaluations. To qualify for the certificate, students must complete a final project demonstrating proficiency for each course taken. 

Required Courses:

  •  Drawing I

  •  Drawing II

  • Pen and Ink I

  • Composition and Design

  • Colored Pencil I

  • Watercolor I

  • Vertebrate Anatomy

  • Plant Morphology

  • Business Practices for Natural Science Illustrators

  • Digital Techniques for the Artist

  • Portfolio Development

Elective Courses

Elective courses are offered to broaden a student's artistic skills in observation and rendering the natural world beyond the eleven required courses.  For the certificate program students must complete 96 hours of elective courses and /or workshops.     See examples of  electives.

Final Project and Portfolio Review

The Final Project and Portfolio Review consists of 6 completed works in the student’s medium of choice and subject of choice (e.g., insects in graphite). The final portfolio will be reviewed by YPMNSI instructors museum personnel.


At our current pricing level, you can expect to pay approximately $6,700 for tuition. Art supplies and incidentals are additional.