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Zoe Matthiessen

Guest Exhibitor

Deeply frustrated by the impact of corporate and political chaos upon our environment and society, Zoe Matthiessen rants with her dip pen addressing topics that impact us all such as plastic pollution, environmental deregulation, corporate greed, deforestation and corrupt politicians.

Zoe is a self taught artist, awarded by the Society of Illustrators and American Illustration. She was selected by Art New England Magazine as one of the "Top Ten Emerging Artists of 2018” and awarded their Artist-in-Residence of 2019. She contributes regularly to The American Bystander and to The Nation, and is currently producing an environmental children’s book, “The Last Straw,”  which will be released Jan 2021.


Recent exhibitions include “Seeing Nature Through Art” at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History (Oct-26 2019-June 30 2020), a solo show at The New Haven Lawn Club (April 30-June 30 2019), Endicott College (Oct 2018-Jan 2019) and inclusion in the "Art As Witness: Political Graphics" exhibit at SVA Chelsea Gallery, in NYC.

Trail Mix-Ink & Watercolor by Zoe Matthi
Groundclog-Ink- by zoe Matthiessen
Waste Management-Ink & Watercolor by Zoe
Bird Gone, Fish In- Ink & Watercolor by
Art by Zoe Matthiessen

To view more of  her work please visit:

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