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Linda Miller

Founding Member 

Linda Miller is one of the founding members of the Natural Science Illustration program at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.

Art Instructor

Linda loves teaching art classes with CTNSI at the Yale Peabody Museum.  She enjoys introducing her art students to drawing from the dioramas, sketching outdoors in the gardens and greenhouses on the Yale campus, and introducing them to the basics of mixing and layering with watercolor. 

More About Linda Miller

Drawing and painting have been Linda's lifelong passion and the focus of her education. She received her B.A. from Pitzer College in Claremont, California and has studied art as a special student at Yale University. Her work has been exhibited widely. She has illustrated two books of poetry: Windowsills by Bert Meyers and Restless Motion by Joan Egeland-Scott. She also illustrated The Big House, a memoir by Elise Knapp.


During 2004-2005, Linda was part of the Yale science-art research team that sculpted and cast the life-size Torosaurus bronze sculpture that stands in front of the Peabody Museum. She has also volunteered in the museum's Discovery Room.  

Linda particularly enjoys the joy and excitement her students feel when learning to observe more deeply as they draw and paint from life.   


All images © Linda A. Miller


delicate flower drawing
Drawing of crab
Pencil drawing from nature
Pencil drawing of flowers
Art by Linda Miller

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