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Completing Projects, Open Studio

#255 Each session $45

Susannah Graedel, Tuesday 5/16, 10 am-1pm       

Linda Miller, Tuesday 5/23, 10 am-1pm

Jan Prentice, Saturday, 6/10, 10am-1pm                

Dorie Petrochko, Saturday, 6/17, 10 am-1m

Are you stuck with a project that you can't seem to bring to completion? This is a chance to finish those projects! A CTNSI instructor will be available in each session to critique and give assistance so you get them done. Each session is priced separately, so students may come to as many as they wish. All students are welcome, whether or not they are considering pursuing a CTNSI certificate program.

Drawing I (offered twice) 

#101A Tuesday evenings, 5/30-7/25

5:30-8:30 pm    (no class 7/4)

Instructor:  Linda Miller  8 weeks  $360

#101B Thursdays, 6/15-8/3, 10 am-1 pm

Instructor:  Dorie Petrochko  8 weeks  $360

 Ayone can draw! Practice working with the classical tools of drawing such as memory, gesture, and contour. Strengthen your observational skills while learning to portray natural science subjects using graphite, charcoal and conte crayon. Learn about value, form, perspective, structure, and composition. Drawing is the foundation for all art work. This course is a prerequisite for many other courses.

Watercolor I

#244 Fridays, 6/2-7/21, 10 am-1pm

Instructor:  Linda Miller  8 weeks  $360

Prerequisite Drawing I

Watercolor is a medium that produces luminous, translucent colors. Practice mixing colors while learning about color theory, and gain experience applying washes and layers when using color in your scientific illustrations and paintings. We will be working with fruits, vegetables, flowering plants, and specimens from the Peabody Museum’s collections.


Drawing Birds in the Peabody Bird Hall

#258 All-day Workshop, Saturday, 6/24, 10 am-4 pm

Instructor:  Dorie Petrochko   $90

Using birds from the Peabody’s extensive ornithology collection, students will learn

the traditional techniques and methods of observation for drawing birds that anyone, from beginner to advanced levels can apply. All you will need is a small sketchbook, pencils, eraser and colored pencils.

Drawing and Painting Hummingbirds

#259 Saturday and Sunday, 7/8 & 9, 10am-4pm

Instructor:  Dorie Petrochko   2-day workshop  $180

Capture the beauty of hummingbirds using watercolor and iridescent pigments.

We will work from photos, and bird cams. Students should bring a laptop or smartphone to class.  A knowledge of drawing birds is helpful.

Drawing from the Peabody Dioramas

#157 Mondays, 7/10-7/31, 10 am-1pm

Instructor:  Linda Miller   4 weeks   $180

Sketching from our amazing dioramas on the 3rd floor of the museum is a real joy! We have the opportunity to sketch the animals and birds in their habitats and learn about how these dioramas were created.


Adobe Photoshop:  A Tool for Scientific Illustrators

#159 Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 7/14-7/16 9am –4 pm

Instructor:  Ikumi Kayama 3 days  $390

Registration closes Friday, July 7

This 3-day workshop, aimed for illustrators who are familiar with basic medium for natural science illustration
(Graphite, pen/ink, watercolor), will expand their toolbox to include digital media. The single most common
mistake made by students is to forget everything they learned in art class and recreate the wheel in the
computer. This class will treat Photoshop as another tool. The foundation of good drawing, light on form,
composition, color theory, and storytelling will be emphasized and revisited throughout the class.
The class will focus on becoming familiar with the workspace and to select the tools most commonly used
by professional scientific illustrators. We will also cover common troubleshooting and how to avoid being
controlled by Photoshop. In the intermediate to advanced courses, the class will discuss different methods to
separate pixels and selections for efficiency and hidden yet useful tools.

You can view Ikumi's TED talk entitled "The Art of Science and the Science of Art" by clicking here.


All-day Drawing Workshop

#160, Saturday, 7/22, 10 am-4 pm

Instructor: Linda Miller $90 

 Immerse yourself in the classical tools of observational drawing for a whole day! This is a great course for both beginners and advanced students. Bring your lunch.

Drawing and Painting Feathers

#104 Sunday, 7/30, 10 am-4pm

Instructor:  Dorie Petrochko   All-day workshop   $90

Feathers have healing powers!   Learn the structure of feathers and how to portray them authentically in watercolor, scratchboard and colored pencil.  Open to beginners as well as experienced artists.


Watercolor II

#258 Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8/8-8/31, 10 am-1pm

Instructor:  Dorie Petrochko  8 sessions, 4 weeks,  $360

Prerequisite:  Watercolor I

This course introduces students to more advanced techniques in combining glazes, textures and intense color to create dynamic compositions. Emphasis will be on achieving spontaneity of color, design, and depth of form. Students will learn the technical aspects of mastering watercolor such as correct timing in the dry and wet stages of brushwork, and in producing detailed effects. Critiques and demonstrations  will be shared in every class.


Drawing Flowers Through the Microscope

with All-day Field Trip

to the Harvard Glass Flowers Exhibit

#132 Fridays, 8/11-9/1, 10 am - 1 pm

Instructor:  Susannah Graedel   4 weeks   $180

(Cost of transportation to Cambridge not included)

Registration closes Wednesday, July 27

Explore the exquisite secrets of summer flowers through the microscope.  Students will dissect and draw the parts of flowers to produce an artistic botanical “plate.”  The connection between flower structure and type of pollinator will be explored.  No drawing experience is necessary.  The course includes an all-day field trip to the unique Glass Flower Exhibit at the Harvard Peabody Museum on Friday, August 25.  The cost of transportation to Cambridge is not included in the tuition.   Students may wish to travel together with the class by train.  Enrollment is limited.  Students are encouraged to register as early as possible to secure a place and to reserve a seat on the train at a discount. 


All-day Watercolor Workshop

  #146 Saturday, 8/12, 10 am-4pm

Instructor:  Linda Miller   $90

Practice the basics of watercolor painting as you gain practice in mixing and applying washes

and layers. We will work with fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants. Bring your lunch.


Vertebrate Anatomy for Artists

#261 Mondays, 8/7-8/28, 10 am-1pm

Instructor:  Rebecca Gelernter  4 weeks   $180

Understanding the basics of anatomy is vital for a science illustrator.  This course will teach the basics of vertebrate anatomy, from the skeletal system to body coverings.  Drawing from Peabody specimens and photos, students will learn how an animal is put together so they can be brought to life with accuracy. Prerequisites: Drawing I


Field Sketching on the Yale Campus

 #144  Saturday, 9/9, 10 am-4 pm

Please note that the date of this class has been changed from its originally scheduled date of August 26th.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Instructor:  Linda Miller   One-day workshop  $90

Enjoy sketching outside on the grounds of the Yale Campus. In the event of rain or extreme heat we will work on the third floor of the museum, where we can sketch from the habitats in the dioramas. Bring your lunch.

 Art Classes

Spring and Summer

May 16 - August 26, 2017

Art Classes are currently in session!

Now is the time to register for the spring sessions to assure you have a place. There are deadlines for registration, so don’t delay. Register for classes online now


Connecticut Natural Science Illustrator art classes are conducted at the Yale Peabody Museum on a year round basis. The art classes are 3, 4, 6, and 8 week sessions. Highlights of our current classes listed below.


We also have a Certificate Program in Natural Science Illustration