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Rebecca Gelernter

Guest Instructor

Rebecca has been utterly devoted to birds since she was ten, so much so that she initially planned to study avian cognition.  She graduated from Boston University with a degree in Behavioral Biology, but, deciding drawing birds was more fun than writing papers about them, she started investigating science illustration as a career. Over the next few years she discovered the joys of paleoart, took several art classes, and spent time volunteering in the Yale Peabody Museum's preparation lab before applying to the Science Illustration Certificate Program at California State University, Monterey Bay.  After a wonderful and rigorous year in California, she completed a paleoart-focused internship at Queen Mary University of London and began freelancing.  She has completed projects for researchers from the Peabody, Harvard’s Museum of Comparative Zoology, and the Royal Veterinary College, among others. 

Dinosauria Postures Small Simplified
Spectacled Owl small
Art by Rebecca Gelernter

To view more of Rebecca's art please visit 


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