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Cindy Gilbane

It is with the greatest sorrow that Dorie, Jan, Linda and Susannah mark the passing of our cherished friend and colleague, Cindy Gilbane.  Cindy passed peacefully from our lives on May 17th, 2005.  She was a beloved teacher and gifted artist whose presence will be deeply missed.


We preserve this page in memory of Cindy and to allow our friends and students to see her beautiful artwork.  Cindy Gilbane worked in the area and painted natural subjects especially boatanicals for a very long time. She taught art for every grade including adult education for 15 years. After leaving the school system she opened her own studio and became co-founder and teacher with Connecticut Natural Science Illustrators.


Visit her personal website at: ..

Rhod, 300.jpg
Japanese Maple Leaves,CG.jpg
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